IT Booster Diamond

Lesson 1

General Troubleshooting

  • Computer not starting
  • Casing seems to work but no display at monitor
  • UPS not working
  • Printer not working
  • Email not functional
  • Internet not working
  • Microsoft Outlook problems
  • Antivirus Problems
  • Pen Drive files and folders problems
  • Headphones not working
  • Computer too slow
    Lesson 2

    Office File Management and Data Security

    • Using Unicode for quick and global Nepali typing
    • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint general Tips and Tricks
    • Saving and managing important files
    • Using alternative location to store sensitive files
    • Password Protect private and sensitive files
    • Using Cloud Storage for greater security of files even in the case of total computer loss or damage
    • Using Dropbox for Cloud Storage of all your important files
    • Dropbox account creation, installation and configuration
    • Work on files at office and continue at home
    • View and download your files at office from smartphone
    • Using Versioning system for getting old versions of same file. (Highly useful)
    • Managing and Creating Strong but easy to remember passwords
      Lesson 3

      Laptop Troubleshooting

      • Laptop not starting
      • Laptop seems running but no display
      • Battery backup is very low or nil
      • Laptop becomes very warm during operation
      • Big and crackling sound comes from within the laptop
      • Mouse pad and keyboard doesn’t function well
      • Laptop is very slow
      • Web Camera and Speakers and/or headphones and microphone not functioning properly
      • “Windows Not Genuine” shows up every time
      • Problem connecting to Projector and if connected display is garbled or not good
        Lesson 4

        Useful Tips and Tricks

        • Starting Laptop in less than 10 seconds
        • Increasing battery backup duration
        • Making laptop run very fast
        • Cooling the laptop by using Coolerpad
        • Using Sleep, Shutdown, and Hibernate efficiently
        • Bookmark favorite websites for later viewing
        • Start favorite websites on browser startup
        • Send many files and folders through email
        • Charge mobile phones via USB cable
        • Send SMS from laptop via your Android Phone
        • Download YouTube videos to computer for later viewing
        • Safeguarding Pen Drive
        • Backup and Restore Contacts in your mobile to prevent contact loss in case of mobile theft, loss etc
        • Savings data/photo from Mobile phone, camera and other multimedia devices
        • Best Practices to reduce risk and virus in office network and computer/laptop
          Lesson 5

          Course Revision and Questionarrie

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