IT Booster Gold

Lesson 1

Computer Hardware Essentials

  • Power Supply
  • Desktop Computer Dissemble
  • BIOS program Settings
  • Laptop Power Supply
  • Replacing Laptop Battery
  • Replacing Hard-disk, RAM, Modem, DVD Drive and other accessories
    Lesson 2

    Operating System Essentials

    • Understanding Operating System boot process
    • Different versions of Operating Systems (Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8)
    • Troubleshooting OS boot problems
    • Repairing Operating System files
    • Different Software and Antivirus installation and configuration
    • Disk Checking and other security tools
    • Disk Partition overview
    • Operating System installation guide (Upgrade and Clean install guide)
    • Formatting and Partitioning Hard-disk
    • System cleaning, Registry cleaning
    • System Recovery and System Restore
    • Laptop power management
    • Battery saving tips with Sleep
    • Hibernate and Shutdown overview
    • Best practices for Laptop data and battery savings
      Lesson 3

      Computer Network Essentials

      • Understand Computer Network
      • Network Hardware (Hub, Switch, Router, Firewall etc.)
      • IP Address and MAC Address
      • Computer Name and Workgroup settings
      • File and Print Sharing
      • Network Drive (Z drive)
      • Ping command for network troubleshooting
      • Static and Automatic IP Address
        Lesson 4

        Email/Internet Essentials

        • Web email overview (Gmail, Yahoo, Msn, Outlook etc..).
        • Microsoft Outlook installation and configuration
        • Social Media overview
        • Domain Name and Web Hosting concepts
        • Website Basics
        • Creating, updating and managing personal blog
        • Blogger Platforms (Word press, Blogger, Drupal etc…).
          Lesson 5

          Office File Management and Data Security

          • Using Unicode for quick and global Nepali typing
          • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint general Tips and Tricks
          • File Management for easy access and sharing
          • Cloud storage overview for Data Security (Dropbox, Box, Copy, Sugar Sync etc.)
          • Versioning system overview for data versions
          • Dropbox account creation, installation and configuration
            Lesson 6


            • Savings data/photo from Mobile phone, camera and other multimedia devices.
            • Managing and saving Contacts and messages in mobile phone
            • Recovering contacts and messages in case of mobile theft, loss etc…
            • Best Practices to reduce risk and virus in office network and computer/laptop.
              Lesson 7

              Course Revision and Questionarrie

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