Professional PHP Training

Professional PHP is a course where students will learn how to create basic logic in PHP that is syntactically correct.
It is a basic PHP Course in addition to MySQL functions too.

Lesson 1


  • Introduction
  • What is PHP and PHP file?
  • PHP Syntax
  • Comments in PHP
    Lesson 2

    PHP Statements

    • PHP variables
    • Conditional Statements
    • PHP if...Else Statements
    • PHP Switch Statement
    • PHP Arrays
      Lesson 3

      PHP Loops

      • While Loop
      • The Do..While Loop
      • For Loop
      • The foreach Loop
        Lesson 4

        PHP Functions

        • PHP Built-in Functions
        • Create a PHP Function
        • PHP include and require
          Lesson 5

          PHP Forms and User Input

          • $_POST
          • $_GET
          • $_REQUEST
          • PHP File Upload
            Lesson 6

            PHP File Handling

            • PHP Cookies
            • PHP Sessions
            • PHP Mail
            • PHP Error Handling
              Lesson 7

              MySQL Introduction

              • PHP + MySQL Architecture
              • Primary Keys and Auto increment Fields
              • Insert, Update and Delete Statements
              • Where, order by and group by Clause
              • PHP MySQL Connect, select and close a Database
              • PHP MySQL Display, edit and delete MySQL data from PHP code
                Lesson 8

                Professional Project

                  Lesson 9

                  Course Revision and Questionarrie

                    Course Details

                    Course NameTimeDurationFee Details InstructorCareer
                    Professional PHP7 am to 8 am 25 HoursNrs 8,000*Mr. Arjun AdhikariPHP Programmer

                    * Above listed fee applies to group of students. Individual course fee might be higher.

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