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IT Training in Nepal.com is under the Training Department of I Sewa Pvt. Ltd.

Please have a look to our outstanding points which makes us able to say that we deserve to best among several IT Training Centers throughout the nation.

If you are not satisfied from our training, you can get your money back. We do not have rights to collect money from those whom we cannot give anything.
Each and every aspect of our activity is transparent. You get to know the detailed information about the fee structure, no of persons in a group, your potential instructor and time slot available for the training. And to be frank, our fee structure may seem bit higher in comparison to low quality competitors but, we deserve the right to say that, you get what you deserve. Your investment counts. And we have money back guarantee too if you are not satisfied in any way... :)
We have full detailed course curriculum which helps you decide before you even start querying us. This detailed syllabus help you follow the path while learning too. Each and every section is self-explanatory.
We have selected only those courses that we have full confidence in. Learners satisfaction is in the first place so, we focus on delivering the best learning and working experience in our center.
We have in-house resource person in almost every course. Since we are also an established Software Development Company, we have arranged schedule to teach deserving students from these experienced Resource Persons... Since you are taught by real time developers, you get to know every pros and cons in real time software development process which is the major point which every student loves about us.
There is no need to wait for group formation. We conduct class in a group of as little as one and as max as seven. We do not form group that is greater than seven participants. This allows us to maintain the quality we opt for.
We have been developing websites and software for more than three years. We have a huge collection of existing websites and software. Students learning with us get a chance to look over the relevant website and software.
We have small and peaceful classroom. We do not place too many students in a class. We are not located in the ground or first floor which blocks most unwanted human flow.
We issue professional certificate that can be verified globally. Please refer to the top right menu to verify your certificate globally. Other companies can also verify your certificate through this portal.
Every student gets: .np registration from mercantile 1 GB Hosting(1 year)(Worth Rs. 2000) Professional Website(Worth Rs. 3000) Customer Privilege Account(Worth Rs. 1000)

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